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The third and final set of timepieces in the "Metiers d'Art La Symbolique des Laques series" was created by artists from Zohiko, one of Japan's oldest lacquer shops. They combined their skills with those of the watchmaker with the longest tradition to create this unique collection. IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches has launched the same set of three watches as it did for the past two years.

"Setsugekka" is the third set of the "Metiers d'Art La Symbolique des Laques", which is inspired by the natural beauty and seasons. The "Hanami Tsukimi Yukimi", set celebrates the power of nature and its gracefulness. It includes symbols that represent the changing seasons (spring, autumn, and winter) and are based on Japanese traditions and rituals. Two dials were created for each model by the best Zohiko lacquer artists over a period of seven months.Replica Watches This shows how important heritage is in Japan today.

IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches's expertise was demonstrated through the inner work. While "maki-e", a Japanese art, is renowned for its beautiful dials created by masters of the craft, IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches has a long history in this field. The Caliber 1003 is the heart of each of these three watches. Its open-worked shape also adds to the overall look. The central aperture on the caseback, which is framed by the "maki e" dial, also reveals the Caliber 1003. This revolutionary 18-karat gold movement is treated with ruthenium to match the dial. The amazing finishing, such as chamfering straight-graining and engraving, is all done by hand.

Caliber 1003: The world's thinnest manual-winding movement. At just 1.64 mm, Caliber 1003 is one of the thinnest mechanisms in the world. The Caliber 1003 is designed, produced and developed in Vacheron-Constantin's workshops. It bears the Geneva Hallmark as a sign of its excellence. The mechanism operates at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour,IWC Portofino Replica and has a power reserve of 30 hours.

The 40 mm diameter, 7.50 mm thickness cases can be made in either 18 karat pink or white gold. The elegant looks of these watches are enhanced by the black Mississippiensis leather straps with 18 karat white gold pin buckles.

Each Metiers d'Art La Symbolique des Laques Watch comes with two dials, which are masterpieces and show the beauty of "maki-e". The gold dust is sprinkled delicately on the still-moist lacquer (usually dark) to create the motif. This technique is also exclusive because it uses lacquer made from the bark of Rhus Verniciflua trees, which only grows in Japan and southern China.

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